Titles currently available from Starshine Galaxy

Titles currently available from Starshine Galaxy

Tomorrow Comes first became an AWARD WINNING book on March 28th when author Donna Mebane was notified that her debut novel won the top Visionary Fiction honors granted in the 2014 Beverly Hills International Book Award competition. See the official list of winners on the Beverly Hills Book Award website, and read Starshine Galaxy’s press release for more information.

Books-in-Print – Read about our flagship publications: Tomorrow Comes and A Book Abot Chaps. The books are available to buy at our eStore, on Amazon, at other online retailers, or by order from your favorite bookstore, such as Town House Books in St. Charles, Illinois.

Publication University – Rod Mebane, Starshine Galaxy Publisher, represented the Midwest Independent Publisher’s Association (MIPA) at Publication University (PubU) in San Francisco – March 21-22 – see MIPA Announcement. Stay tuned for high-value insights that Rod brought back from the information-rich event.

Magnificent MachineEmma Mebane ‘Magnificent Machine’ Award (EMMMA) – a scholarship to acknowledge excellence in the graphic arts will be awarded on May 14, 2014. If you are a senior at Geneva High School and want to apply or if you just want to read about the ‘Magnificent Machine’ award established in Emma’s memory, visit the EMMMA page.

Internet Radio InterviewDonna Mebane, author of Tomorrow Comes, was interviewed recently by Simon Barrett of the BloggerNewsNetwork – navigate to BloggerTalkRadio. Also read Donna’s interview with Starshine Galaxy’s Tracy Spevak on the Author Interview page.

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