Starshine Galaxy is a cottage publisher, and we are currently the proud home of two books in print:

  • Tomorrow Comes (2014) by Donna Mebane – People dealing with the death of a loved one – especially the expected loss of a child, a sibling, or close friend – will get a much needed lift from reading Tomorrow Comes because, on the day that Emma did not open her eyes in our world, they popped open bright and shiny in an after-world so credible and comforting that you soon find yourself hoping that it’s real.
    Paperback 978-0-9857608-2-3, $12.99
    Kindle eBook 978-0-9857608-3-0, $5.99
  • A Book Abot Chaps (2011) by Emma Mebane – an original collection of shapes (chaps), colorfully rendered and labeled in a way that only a first-grader could. This honest, artful representation – a work that we all will recognize – celebrates learning, and it encourages us to laugh at our own shortcomings. Published posthumously.
    Paperback 978-0-615-52092-6, $4.95

We also have one new book coming soon:

  • Update 21: A Journal of Spiritual Victory (2014) by Beth Bello – Beth Bello had to grapple with the questions – What is the best course of action when you find out that you are facing Stage 4 breast cancer? How do you live when you know you are dying? How do you battle for your life while simultaneously surrendering it? This book describes how she did it, in her own amazing words. In this very personal journal, Beth shares the details of her battle, as it happens, with an amazing support group (her “prayer warriors”). As the battles escalates, she demonstrates how she surpassed the ultimate test of faith. Beth’s story will inspire you, in whatever difficult circumstances you may find yourself, to live richly and to face death when it comes with dignity, wisdom, and grace.
    Paperback 978-0-9857608-9-2, $TBD


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