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Donna’s Three Most Recent “Wisps of Hope”

  • Hope … on the Way to Faith? July 20, 2015
    A leaf … like hope connected to a branch of faith?

    I’m often asked if I believe in the afterlife. Perhaps because I’ve lost a child, which many believe is the worst possible thing that can happen to a person, my opinion on the subject carries a little extra weight. Or perhaps the asker is simply seeking a pebble of “proof” to add to their own ponderings on what happens after death. Or maybe it’s just plain curiosity.

    I usually say that I hope there is an afterlife and, from what I can tell, my response seems to be a bit disappointing. But there is significant meaning in that answer because, for me, hope is everything. And it’s taken me a long time to get from the depths of despair caused by losing Emma to a place where I can hope again.

    Hope has reignited my spiritual journey. For many years, I equated spirituality with religion. And, as a busy wife, mother, and corporate professional, nurturing that spirituality became a distant memory. Sure I attended Sunday School, was confirmed, got married in a church, baptized my children, and then took them to Sunday School for awhile. Then life took over. I was busy, busy, busy, and I hadn’t the time to think about whether God was present in my life or what happened to you when you died.

    Then Emma died. Continue reading →

  • The Tides of Summer, Emma & Me July 7, 2015
    Emma Mebane as a young girl, afloat on a carefree summer day …

    Summer has been my least favorite season ever since I graduated from college. Growing up, of course, it was magical – my grandparents had a summer house at Harvey Cedars on Long Beach Island along the Jersey Shore, and I spent many a lazy summer day searching for whatever treasures the tides had left on the beach and experiencing that pleasurable mix of fear and exhilaration while body surfing at high tide. Nanna had her rules: don’t go to the beach until your chores are done, don’t go for more than two hours, don’t go when there’s a west wind because of flies, etc. But all things considered, it was a little like what I imagined heaven to be.

    Fast-forward to graduating from college and taking on my first real job. What a shock it was to go from having all summer to kick around doing close to nothing, to having just two weeks of vacation for cramming everything I wanted to enjoy into much too short a time. When that first June came along, my desire to “go down the shore” was so strong that I almost quit my job! Continue reading →

  • There’s more than one way to solve a jigsaw puzzle … July 3, 2015

    ChildPuzzle-WBAn Emma Story … One of my favorite memories of Emma is from when she was a little girl. She had gotten a puzzle – a child’s puzzle with 8-10 wooden pieces – it was a farm scene I think. She had all of the pieces, and the idea, of course, was to put it all back together. But Emma was really struggling with that part. So, what she ended up doing was … She was sitting on the kitchen floor. She took all the pots and pans out. She got all the dish towels out. And then she made a little family of these puzzle pieces. She had them hugging each other. They’d go to bed in a pot. She’d cover them up with dish towel and all of that. That’s probably the simplest story I can tell that is so typical of Emma.

    This Emma Story is an excerpt from Donna’s recent interview on Vincent Edward’s radio webcast show, What Matters Most to You.
    Listen to the entire interview – CLICK HERE.


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“Tomorrow Comes” Most Recent Reader Review

  • Tomorrow Comes April 20, 2015

    LauraFamily Valley Fun – My grandmother visits me as a cedar waxwing. Maybe it’s because she was a big bird lover and the cedar waxwing was always at her feeders. These birds are not that common around here, but every once in a while, one will stop by the holly bush at my front window. And, it seems to be when I need a reminder.

    Cedar-WaxwingOne day, I was frantically working, and was stressed about time, and deadlines. WHOOMP I heard a bird crash against my window. I looked up. It was a cedar waxwing. A reminder to slow down and take things easy.

    A few days ago, I was in a rush driving somewhere. In the middle of the road in my neighbourhood was a flock of birds. They were splashing in a puddle, and weren’t making any signs to fly away as I came barrelling down the street. When I got closer, I realized it was a flock of cedar waxwings. Again, a reminder to slow down, take things easy – just when I needed it.

    I call these encounters a message from my grandmother.

    Probably many of us have these feelings and notions that someone who was close to us who has died is trying to communicate with us. This might be in a dream, through a vision, a bird, a butterfly – anything.

    This is why many people will be able to relate to Tomorrow Comes by Donna Mebane. Continue reading →

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